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Our Unique Approach -
Being in and Creating the World of Offerings

Wholeness in Every Issue:

Each issue of Offerings will weave around one topic, one circle journey, from open to close of the magazine. The Offerings editor will engage with guest editors to create the “weave”. They'll lay out their own personal journey and reflections about the topic (e.g., power, money, beauty, etc.) and continue by weaving in each contribution – be it a poem, story, image or conversation. Together, they'll propose new and different perspectives, take a deeper cut and evoke a surprisingly new way of looking and thinking on the topic.

Upward Movement in How We Live:

Offerings will emphasize new possibilities of seeing the world and living in it, both individually and together, in a way that does not play to the old game of perpetrator, victim and savior, but will seek new ways of being. Ways that are less transactional and more transcendent, less about certainty in ‘one way’ and more about curiosity in what is emerging, less linear and uni-dimensional and more spherical and spiral, less static and more dynamic, less about one side versus another and more about wholeness. We aim to build in our contributors, partners and readers the capacity to think and live from potential and wholeness.

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