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Our Story

Our Beginnings (How She Came to Be)

It is strange and disturbing that most women's magazines I've encountered worldwide are thinly disguised infomercials designed to fill a manufactured void and make us believe we will be more complete, more happy, more anything if we used their products and kept up with their changing trends in make-up, childcare practices, diets and hot work and home issues.

“Real women” the world over have lost, or are being distracted from, their knowledge of the things they hold dear and sacred. Nowhere in the world do we publish a magazine that shows how Woman really sees, speaks and thinks about the world, what she deeply values as a world citizen. Values such as Power. Beauty. Faith. Home. Peace. Wealth. Relationship. Health. Family. Nature. Love. Grief. Education. Sensuality. Art. Joy. Science. Sexuality. Work. Death. Forgiveness. Spirituality. Service. We created this magazine Offerings to fill that void.

Our Essence (Who She Is and Is Becoming)

With Offerings, you will experience a different world. One that accepts and welcomes without requirement, judgment, or evaluation. Or, as the “Circle of 7” says, one that abides by “the no-mess-up clause”. One that asks for you to be exactly who you are. No more, no less. Simply, whole. One that says, enough. You are enough. Offerings breathes new life into the things that matter to you, that moves you to come in further, rest, open your heart and mind, feel you belong. It is your companion on your journey home – to the world around you, and the world inside you.

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