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In honor of this gathering of women and ideas, I have created the design “offerings”. It is my intent in my designs to offer a simple truth, using organic lines in their simplest form to convey something of the human experience, reflecting both the individuality and the connectedness of our spirits.

The figures that make up the “offerings” design together represent the facets of woman. We are - each of us - daughter, sister, mother, maiden, crone... we lead and we follow; we teach and we learn; we offer what we have gathered along our paths so that others may join in the magical journey life truly is.

The figures in this design are of different backgrounds. At the center of the figure in front is the color of earth and the ancients who came before us: those who lived in balance and harmony with their world, with an understanding of nature and its elements. She is garbed in the activating fire colors of the lower chakras or energy centers: roots, community, kin; womb, creation, power. She leads us out of our past, into our future. The figure who follows reflects the innocence and forgotten knowledge of contemporary woman. The light of sun and knowledge bathes her head in symbolism of the illumination that has come upon us in modern times. The gold color also activates the self center, which flows into the water colors of the upper chakras: heart, which opens us to love; throat, freeing our voices to share what we know; and the third eye, which opens us to the intuition of our highest selves. At the core of all is the divine, as represented by the indigo/purple shades of their gowns. Both women stand firmly in spirit as they - and we - offer our own personal gifts up to the all, hands opened and outstretched to give and receive the blessings of the universe.



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